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Retro or Vintage? July 17, 2015

Six of one and half a dozen of the other right? What is your stance on this? Some say retro, some say vintage. Or does it mean that vintage refers to an older period of time, say the 1920s when in fact retro is more up to date; like the 1980s?


Well, like everything, seems there is no hard and fast rule to when you use one term over the other to describe items from yesteryear. In fact when talking about cars you have another term; classic.

You do often hear the term vintage cars but less so retro cars. Whatever the term I am sure you are here because you have a passion, or perhaps even an obsession (we love it if you have either!) with all things, shall we say, old!

For us here at reset it is not just the clothes and music. We love the old gadgets too! Do you remember those huge, cumbersome video recorders from the early 1980s?

What about the Raleigh Chopper? The gear shift position so you could do yourself some damage and with a small front wheel which meant they were easy to wheelie, and to go over the handlebars!

Still, we are here to offer clothes and accessories. Authentic pieces that represent the era to which you have an affinity for. You want to indulge your retro passion and who are we to argue?

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