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Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be! July 7, 2015

Of course nothing is what it used to be. Not just clothes, music, cars, films. In fact everything in our everyday lives and culture has changed.

But for the better?

Well, depends on your point of view really I guess. For fans all things vintage then the ‘old way’ is the ‘only way’. But of course on the other side there are the opponents whose viewpoint is ‘I’m glad things aren’t like they used to be’.

Still this is all subjective of course. What side of the fence are you on? Do you yearn for those carefree days, a life more simple before computers and the Internet where you went to work, normally somewhere just down the road, came home and watched one of three TV channels on your black and white television? Some say too much choice is a bad thing, 1001 TV channels means you never actually find what you want as you spend all evening scanning!

For you keen shoppers not only do you still have the high street but each high street store now has an online presence and there are a vast array of stores that are online only where you might find what you are looking for.

On the other hand, again, you might spend more time searching than actually buying! So here at Reset vintage it is all about curation, reducing the choice to just those items that we hope our customers have an interest in.

Of course we all have our ‘era’, I believe it is the one that you spend your formative, i.e. teenage, years in. That’s because at that age you are primarily interested in the fashion, the look and the sounds of that time. Of course then re-visiting that era then brings back happy memories of that time. That is why vintage is so popular now and shows no signs of abating.

There are exceptions to this rule, like always. You might have grown up in the 80s but yearn for the style and grace of the 30s or the 1950s and the golden age of television.

Whatever your penchant, remember; it is your desire and want and never mind what others may think! If you want to relive the times that make you happy then why not do it!






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